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Welcome to the device upload and management portal for NCR UK. If you are a chargepoint device owner or controller, then you can register for an account using this form. Multiple users for the same organisation may be registered by submitting this form once for each user.

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Once your registration request is received it will take up to 48 hours to process. Please check your email for a response from contact@national-charge-point-registry.uk after this period. The email you receive will contain login information. If you do not receive any emails then please check your spam folder and mark us as safe.

Important Information

Please note that the NCR can only accept publicly accessible chargepoints. The devices must be accessible to the public without the requirement of patronship to the business or land owner.

If you are a chargepoint network operator, then please make sure that the device owner is already registered on the NCR before attempting to upload their device data.

For further support:
Email: contact@national-charge-point-registry.uk
Phone: 0300 7778800